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The mountain of your dreams

Build confidence for dreaming-and life

Every student has the right to dream big and chase a dream worth-living. 



Where Dreams Are Born

One-on-one mentorship through online meetings with experienced professionals working at jobs you dream of.  

Visit your favourite company's office, meet their super talented staff members and be, for one day, the CEO of your dreams. 

Get educated, entertained, and inspired all in one event with us!

Our Vision

We imagine a world where everyone's dreams are still alive and kicking! We, the people, hold the keys to our wildest aspirations and can confidently chase them down! 

Your Voice,
Our Mission

We're dedicated to bringing the human voice to the forefront as the ideal alternative to the antiquated process of career guidance. Unlike traditional career tests, our services focus on empowering people to use their own voices and aspirations to guide their career paths, revolutionizing the industry and creating a more personalized approach to career development.


Advancing in your educational and professional journey is all about investing in yourself and securing a brighter future.

Mentors Networking

The Career Guidance You've Been Desperately Searching For

Connect with Top Global Mentors for meaningful talks

Access Anywhere in the World with Your Laptop or Phone

Flexible Session Scheduling to Suit Your Program

AI-Powered Mentoring Matchmaking

Our Mentors Speak Multiple Languages

24/7 Support: Dreams are too important to keep waiting

Oasis Project

Professional dreamers have created an oasis where people come together, share ideas, and discuss current issues that actually matter. 

Oasis Talks

Informative & Educational Events 

Both Online & in the real World 

Oasis Stories

Personal Conversations on societal issues



Ground Control to Major "your name"

We started with a simple idea: everyone deserves a chance to fulfil their dreams, regardless of their past or the social challenges they face. Based on this philosophy, we created a platform that ambitiously connects individuals like you with accomplished professionals in the fields you dream of working in the future, while also giving you the opportunity to visit the facilities of your favorite businesses.

However, because we believe that we don't just live to work, the same platform is used for the intellectual cultivation of social progress. From informative and educational online events to visits to various philanthropic organizations, the Oasis Project was created to raise awareness in our society and liberate it from the many stereotypes that hold us back.

Today, Professional Dreamers and the Oasis Project help people throughout Greece pursue their dreams and envision a world without discrimination and more inclusive than ever before. A world where aspirations intertwine, entwining hearts and minds, as humanity embarks on an extraordinary voyage of collaboration, turning the impossible into reality.

In this realm of infinite possibilities, we eagerly await your arrival...

Mentors Networking by Professional Dreamers (Career Counseling)

Together We Can Do So Much


Qualified Mentors


Successful Businesses


Business Sectors

Dreams to become a Reality

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Let’s Dream Together

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