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Oasis Project by Professional Dreamers (Informative & Educational Events)

Oasis Project

Professional dreamers have created an oasis where people come together, share ideas, and discuss current issues that actually matter. 

Break the Mold

At Oasis, we provide a haven for individuals to gather, share thoughts, debate current events, and ignite their passions. Our engaging platform offers interactive talks, forums, and seminars where everyone has a voice and is encouraged to participate actively.


Our project comprises two main themes: "Oasis Talks," where we invite guest experts to lead discussions on specific topics, and "Oasis Stories," where we host intimate conversations aimed at breaking down stigmas and stereotypes. 

Beautiful Minds

Two Journeys, One Destination

Oasis Talks

Informative & Educational Events 

Oasis Project

Both Online & in the real World 

Oasis Stories

Personal Stories on societal issues

Oasis Talks

Image by Milad Fakurian

Oasis Talks is more than just a platform for informative talks; it's a community of individuals who share a passion for learning, growth, and self-improvement. Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower people from all walks of life to explore new ideas, perspectives and skills.



  • Why do we dream?

  • Are we alone in the Universe?

  • What is the Universe made of ?



  • Is absurdism just nihilism?

  • Why the Beatles revolutionized music?

  • Why Banksy's Art is so important?



  • Can we live forever?

  • What is the goal of Humanity?

  • What makes something immoral?



  • When can I have a robot butler?

  • Will AI take my job?

  • Will technology stop the human evolution?

But Oasis Talks is not just about passive listening;

It's also about active participation and community building. We encourage our audience to ask questions, share their own experiences and insights, and connect with like-minded people who are on a similar journey of growth and self-discovery.

Oasis Stories

Oasis Stories is a company that creates an oasis of knowledge and empathy, just like its name suggests. Oasis Stories offers a unique lending service but with a focus on personal experiences from around the world. You can borrow a "story" and immerse yourself in the first-hand accounts of people from all walks of life. From overcoming adversity to discovering new cultures, these stories provide a window into the lives of others and a chance to broaden your perspective. With Oasis Stories, you can quench your thirst for knowledge and compassion, one story at a time.

We, the people have the power!

Oasis Stories is the voice of diversity and all the people whose hope for a better tomorrow overcomes the obstacles of their reality. These are people who have found strength through their experiences and have fought to regain their spirits.

In order to give voice to these individuals, we collaborate with a variety of charitable organizations. Our goal is to raise awareness among the general public about the important work they produce through organizing events both in their spaces and online. Similarly, the audience has a unique opportunity to engage in conversation and share moments with individuals whom society unjustly pushes to the margins.

Let's unite our voices for a world without discrimination. Because a world that accommodates only a few does not accommodate anyone!

Ways to listen to our stories

There is power in our voices

Real-life Events

Witness the Real-world Impact of People's Power!

Online Meetings

Discover the Wonders of Humanity through your digital device. 

Podcasts, Videos & More

Experience the power of human's voice everywhere you go  

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Let’s Dream Together

48 Filopoimenos Street, Patra, 26 221

Tel: +30 6948267500

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