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Mentors Networking by Professional Dreamers (Dream Hunter - Career Counseling)

The Pursuit of a Lifetime

Life can be a real head-scratcher sometimes, can't it? You find yourself at  crossroads, completely stumped about which path to take. But fear not, friend! We're here to be your trusty guide, pointing you in the right direction!

Image by Barbara Krysztofiak

Personalized Mentors' Background

From our current network or beyond in order to suit your academic or career dreams

Image by Serafin Reyna

2 Online Meetings with your Mentors

To question, to find answers, to persist in asking questions that unveil a dream worth living.

Image by Vinay Tryambake

Duration: 3 Remarkable Months

Tailor your experience from 1 week to 3 months—your time, your way.

What's included in the plan?

Dream Hunters for a Reason

Introduction Meeting with Our Career Consultant

Two Online Meetings with Your Mentors

Free Access to Our Oasis Project Events

We help you explore tailored university options

We assist you in securing your dream job via our Network

24/7 Support: Dreams are too important to keep waiting

We are not done yet

In addition to the online sessions with your mentors, the Dream Hunters package provides you with free access to all Oasis Events for one year. Moreover, Professional Dreamers helps you either discover the right studies for you or secure the ideal position in a partner company through our network.

One small step for yourself, one giant leap for your life. 

Ready. Set. Go.

Let the journey begin!

Ready or Not?

When you feel ready, click "Let's Talk" or "Start Now" and fill out the form.

First Online Meeting Soon!

Complete the form, and we'll promptly schedule our first online introduction meeting.

Online Mentor Sessions

After our intro meeting, you'll be set for one-hour online session with your Mentors at your chosen time.

- Dream with Us -

75€ Only

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